Wedding Dress Shopping 101

Let’s talk all things weddings. I am sharing some key advice to help make your wedding dress shopping a wonderful, smooth, and exciting experience! After all, you are getting the wedding gown of your dreams—make the experience memorable!

Keep an Open Mind

Remember to keep an open mind when you go wedding dress shopping. I had a super specific idea of what I wanted in my dress—Form fitting, no mermaid dress, and sparkles (all the sparkles)! I tried on what I think I wanted and ended up disliking nearly all the gowns the stylist chose for me. Knowing that I still had my “don’ts” of what I wanted in my gown, I swept a few things under the rug. I ended up going with a form fitting bodice that transitioned into a beautiful ballgown. The top was beaded and sparkled in all the right places!

Bring Your Closest Friends

Every time I went shopping, I always had a few girls along with me. I knew not to bring too many, because that could result in too many opinions. This helps because you only need a few of the people who your closest to and knows you best! Having all your girls with you also makes the day so much more FUN! You laugh, you cry, and you have the best time. It’s an important day, spend the moment with those you cherish most.

Do Your Research + Have Pictures

I did SO much research prior to going wedding dress shopping! You might be thinking, well Whitney why would I research if you didn’t like what you thought you would? I say this because research helps you and the stylist connect. You’ll know what she is talking about when she says things like Sweetheart, A-Line, and Sheath. I also recommend to have a few pictures handy just so the stylist can get an idea of what you are looking for. Remember, sometimes what you think is one thing, someone else things is another. Having pictures ready to show her/him, will make the process go smoother and easier!

I hope this helps any of my brides-to-be who might be looking for their dream dress!

As always, have a blessed week!

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