10 Things to do Before Your Wedding

Just engaged? Said yes to the most perfect guy? Congrats, you are getting married! In the mix of happiness, overwhelming tasks, last minute ideas, and so much more, once you walk down the aisle, all of it was SO worth it!

Having been there and knowing all the feels that comes with getting married, I know a few things you might forget to take care of on your to-do list. If you are like me, some of never made it to my to-do list, so I didn’t end up tackling some of these small, but important, tasks!!

  1. Clean your wedding rings. Make those gorgeous rings super shiny on your wedding day, because why not?
  2. Give someone your phone. Either have a small bag to put it in or give it to one of your girls, so it doesn’t get lost in the craziness and mix of getting ready.
  3. Bring an emergency kit! You never know when you’ll need it.
  4. Practice dancing with future husband and your dad. This may seem weird, but some may not have danced (formally) in years. It never hurts to have a mini dance lesson.
  5. Break in your wedding shoes. I bet you just bought new shoes to go with your perfect wedding dress. However, they don’t do much good if you’re miserable in them all night.
  6. Have extra candle lighters! This is a small, but important one. You can never have too many, and plus, it lets others help light all those candles in the reception hall.
  7. Bring gifts before the wedding. If you are bringing your groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts or thank you’s, try and put those in the ceremony hall the night before the wedding. This helps on mark things off your to-do list!
  8. Brides, be sure get your hair done FIRST! I thought if I got mine done first, that my hair would not be as “full” as those who got their  hair done closer to the wedding. However, it made the morning go by so much smoother!
  9. EAT light, but nourishing! Take some peanut butter crackers or small snack packs to have throughout the day. Whatever you do, don’t eat in your gown!!
  10. Important tip for changing to reception attire. If you are changing for the reception, don’t forget to bring your reception attire to the ceremony location! I may or may not have forgotten about this. [Insert laughing face here] Luckily, there is some good that comes out of this story. We were not in two different locations, all we had to do was run back upstairs. However this made my timeframe to change, much longer!

I hope this helps any of my brides-to-be and future brides who just want to make sure their day goes smoothly!

As always, have a blessed and happy Valentine’s week!!

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